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You Deserve to Meet and Exceed Sales Quotas

Quota busting sales managers:

• Plan ride-alongs
• Deliver one-on-one coaching
• Execute weekly skill building meetings

And their sellers meet sales quotas consistently.

Although we could ride along with your staff or coach one-on-ones for you, it’s proven to be 50% more effective – gaining greater sales increases – when the sales leader conducts these.

Now when it comes to execute weekly skill building meetings – that’s a different story. You don’t have the time and/or training to create high-impact high-payoff skill building sales training.

So we – the experts – did that for you. We produce, you facilitate, and your sellers implement.

30 Minute Sales Meetings – A collection of high impact, high results producing sales boosters in a ready-to-go format were developed through years of sales and leadership experience, market research, plus client feedback. Given the value of selling time, the 30 Minute Sales Meetings hone seller’s abilities to fine tune or acquire new skills and processes to out-think and out-sell the competition.

Benefits of the 30 Minute Sales Meetings Collection:
• Consistently meet sales quotas
• Fill the pipeline with quality prospects
• Capture upsell opportunities
• Penetrate target accounts
• Close more deals
• Outsell the competition
• Retain loyal customers
• Reduce sales rep and client turnover

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Alice Kemper

alice for homepage When Alice Kemper started working as a sales and leadership consultant 30 years ago (Sales Training Consultants), she noticed managers were stressed finding ways to motivate and equip their sales team to sell each week. It was quite different from her experience as sales manager for American Greetings and Vice President of Sales for Harte-Hanks Communications. For Alice, Monday morning sales meetings weren’t merely meetings – they were 45 minute workshops that had sellers raring to go make contacts and close as many deals as possible. Alice’s team’s sales performance track record exceeded the other regions because of her dynamic combination of these weekly sales meetings, field ride alongs and one-one-one coaching.

As Alice worked with sales leaders worldwide she noticed they either weren’t taking advantage of their sales meetings for training or if they were training, someone stood in front of the room and talked and talked and talked. Sales people were finding these meetings boring. Alice knew too many sales managers were experiencing the same issues and instead of energizing and equipping sales people they were losing momentum – and sales.

Alice recruited several other top sales experts to create the best 30 minute sales boosts. These sales experts have taken their proven revenue generating training from their one, two and three day workshops and chunked them down to highly interactive and relevant 30 minute sales meetings.

Alice and her team definitely know their trade because most of her clients typically achieve 5 – 35% increases in performance, sales and profits in only 10 weeks!

Now these power packed sales boosters are available to sales managers worldwide – anytime – through the magic of digital delivery. Companies already using the 30 Minute Sales Meetings can’t thank Alice enough for giving the gift of time, improving sales performance and the competitive advantage in today’s ever changing selling environment.  


Meet Sales Quotas Consistently


30 Minute Sales Meetings boost sales in only 30 minutes for only $1497 or 3 affordable payments of $499 each.

This is not boring sales training! Each ready-to-go sales meeting is complete with everything you need – leader outline and participant handouts – to run focused, results-producing sales training sessions. For about $45 a meeting (less than the cost of the coffee and donuts) you gain a team of top performing rock star sellers selling more today!

You choose (or call us to help) the best skill builder for your team from the 33 highly interactive sales meeting topics:
• Preparation
• Prospecting
• Sales Strategy
• Marketing
• Problem Solving
• Creativity
• Personal Development

Companies who continuously train their sellers out-perform, out-service and out-sell the competition. Your team will be meeting and exceeding sales quotas consistently in just 30 minutes.

Buy now because you want a top producing sales team!

30 Minute Sales Meetings

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30 Minute Sales Meetings

1. Select a date

30 Minute Sales Meetings

2. Read the outline and copy worksheet 

(20 min max)

30 Minute Sales Meetings

3. Engage, Energize and Equip your sales team’s skills

30 Minute Sales Meetings

4. Watch Sales Soar!

banner 30 minute 100 highFrequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a 30 Minute Sales Meeting?
A 30 Minute Sales Meeting is a 30 minute interactive and revenue producing sales training workshop. The pdf document is complete with a leader’s outline, which includes what to say, how to run the interactive activities, and how much time each activity takes. There are Success Achievement Plans – the copy-ready handout pages for each participant’s use, Reinforcement Tips for add on learning opportunities if you want to review, expand or discuss that particular topic further, and Success Set-up Tips to assist all experience levels for the best sales training meeting experience.
Who leads the 30 Minute Sales Meeting?
You choose! It can be sales managers, trainers, and sellers with a desire for a new challenge or responsibility. We’ve been told if you can tell time, read and have a desire to help others succeed, you can lead the booster effectively!
Are the sales boosters really only 30 minutes long?
Yes! The format has been carefully structured with quality content, activity and ah-ha moments into 30 minutes. Of course, there is flexibility. If you have more time, you can stretch the activities and discussions to a total of 45 – 60 minutes.
How much prep time does it take?
It depends on your comfort level and the format. Each 30 Minute Sales Meeting sales booster includes an estimated prep time. Typically 15 – 20 minutes to read the outline, photocopy the Success Achievement Plan worksheet and think of your industry/company examples is plenty.
Our company is very specialized – will these 30 Minute Sales Meetings work for us?
Absolutely! The sales boosters are designed to incorporate relevant industry or company-specific examples into the format. There are also dozens of sales booster topics for you to select the ones that will allow your team the biggest boost!
Can I use a different 30 Minute Sales Meeting each week?
Flexibility is the name of our game. Yes you can! Or use one booster topic for two weeks or more in a row to reinforce that specific skill or process. We’ve even included reinforcement suggestions at the end of each outline to help you maximize your use.
Once I Buy, Do I Own the Rights to the Material?
No. Your purchase is an individual ‘user license’ for YOU to use with your team as often as you desire. To help your sales manager friends and colleagues make a difference to their sales teams’, email them a link to the 30 Minute Sales Meeting site to purchase their own license. Site-license for multiple sales managers is available. Contact us for your best package and pricing.
How do I select which 30 Minute Sales meeting will be best for my team?
You get the catalog with a description of each sales meeting in these categories: Preparation/Prospecting, Sales Strategies, Marketing, Problem Solving/Creativity and Personal Development. You know your team. Decide which skill set needs improvement or reinforcement and begin there.
Who developed the 30 Minute Sales Meetings?
Glad you asked! Check out About Us to find out more about the author, Alice Kemper.
What if I want a 30 Minute Sales Meeting topic not currently available?
Ask and you may receive! Additional 30 Minute Sales Meetings are in the works. Suggest a topic and if it’s in our expertise, we’ll move it to the front of the line in the development process.
What if I want to talk with someone live?
We’re happy to talk with you! Call 561-482-8941 (USA – ET) – if it’s after-hours, you will receive a call first thing the next business day morning.

banner 30 minute 100 highFans

Since the time I bought your training resources — whenever we need an immediate sales training knowledge and/or polishing of a specific skills I don’t need to worry to go research for it. It saves a lot of time. We align it with the department goals we are aiming for a given period. Very handy!

Maan Talasan

LCG Marketing Philippines Corp.

I found the session to be very motivational to my team; the focused and participative nature of the session kept my staff engaged and full involved in the training. This very interactive format encourages full and active participation. It’s different from our sales meeting format that typically covers many topics.

David Lau

Spectrum Technologies

“At first I was thinking, what can you possibly do in 30 minutes? I was pleasantly surprised at how much you can do and how much people can learn. It went so quickly and it accomplished exactly what I wanted and needed.

Jean N.

VP of Sales , South Florida Financial Institution

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